Snoop Dogg – Round Here

2006 Geffen Records

Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre floated over L.A. for a bird’s eye view on the haunting gangsta rap anthem “Round Here.”

Given all that has happened among Eminem and Snoop Dogg of late, including the welcome disclosure that the amazing emcees found authoritatively made harmony, it feels suitable to feature a tune that overcomes any barrier between them. However not a cooperation using any and all means, on Snoop’s 2006 collection Tha Blue Carpet Treatment, maker Dr. Dre came through with his own understanding of the notable “Stan” test. Yet again the outcome is “Round Here,” an agonizing gangsta-rap hymn overflowing with determined threat from the Doggfather, who demonstrated that Dre beats are really his component.

As Snoop once disagreed with the examinations between “Round Here” and “Stan,” it’s vital to look at the previous based on its own legitimacy. Specifically, Snoop illustrates his favorite spot and the risky elements that exist inside. Regarded across all corners, Snoop notices his environmental elements with frosty separation, a 10,000 foot eyewitness. “You can’t stroll through the Beach except if you stroll with a piece,” he raps, over sorrowful guitars. “You can’t converse with police cause most police is like me/They get that cheddar like they need it, take yo poo in the roads.” As extra components are brought in with the general mish-mash, including gothic chimes and energetic piano riffs, “Round Here” makes for one of Snoop’s most vivid slices right up ’til the present time.

Look at it now, and make certain to return to Tha Blue Carpet Treatment, one of Snoop’s more underestimated collections.

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