NAO – Antidote

Nao/RCA Records

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Nao comes back with a vengeance on “Antidote.”

Nao took a short break from music following her 2018 collection Saturn, yet her 2020 reappearance single “Lady” highlighting Lianne La Havas got every last bit of her fans invigorated for new music. Nigerian craftsman Adekunle Gold, included on this record, delivered his collection, Afro Pop, Vol. 1, in 2020.

Nao chose to amaze fans with this new single for the new year, which mixes R&B exotic nature and perfection with a peppy, danceable sound. The melody gives recognition to sounds that emerge from Africa, utilizing solid rhythms and bass circles.

Nao accepts that the new single can fix the terrible energies left behind by 2020, clarifying “‘Antidote’ is the solution for 2020, it’s a tune conceived out of lockdown which was something that impacted everyone’s lives from one side of the planet to the other. Both Adekunle and I had girls conceived weeks separated during this time, they lifted our vibrations and we needed to impart that great energy to the remainder of the world.”

Nao Hyundai Awards

Nao Hyundai Awards
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Adekunle Gold added to this assertion, saying “This tune is an ideal portrayal of how I feel regarding my little girl. Love as a rule feels like an idea, once in a while undetectable, yet with her it’s so unmistakable on the grounds that she’s not too far off. I’m so fixated on her that in the event that she wasn’t around me, I wouldn’t be alright, I suppose that is the thing antitoxin is, a fix, a caring fix to the things that afflict me.”

Stand by listening to the Afro-pop propelled single and watch the video.


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