Lakeyah Feat. City Girls – Female Goat


Yung Miami and JT snap on Lakeyah’s “Female Goat.”

City Girls are regularly counted out yet they keep on disproving their doubters at each point. Sometimes, both JT and Yung Miami have confronted analysis for their range of abilities as rappers, as well as their substance. What’s more with the cash stacking up, any reasonable person would agree that their recipe is working productively yet at the same time, there’s dependably space for development.

Quality Control’s Lakeyah tapped City Girls for her new single, “Female GOAT” off of her new venture, Times Up and this tune specifically is making some genuine commotion. The chilling Detroit-style creation concocted by Reuel Ethan fills in as the scenery for Lakeyah, Caresha and Jatavia to convey threatening bars with unadulterated magnetism. “For behave like bitches so we set them on a skirt/N***a think he on that, he gon’ end up on a shirt/Made him eat my pussy then I put it in a section,” JT raps.

Yung Miami, specifically, truly came through with probably her best refrain to date. Both Miami and JT have shown development throughout the long term but on the other hand Miami’s confronted a lot of analysis for the amount she really focuses on her art. On “Female Goat,” she moves toward the section with accuracy after JT passes the twirly doo her way. “Bitches hard on the net, however in person they gon’ break/Baby, glock in my pack, yet my n***a brought the Drac,” Miami presents.

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