Lil Wayne – Lamar


Lil Wayne takes on Jay-Z’s classic cut off of “The Blueprint.”

In spite of his odd and startling arrangement with Donald Trump, Wayne understood that the best way to push past the blowback was to drop another mixtape. Also he did. At the extremely early times of Saturday morning, the rapper got back to shape with the third portion of his No Ceilings mixtape series facilitated by DJ Khaled. In common Wayne design, he handles the absolute hardest takes down and patches up them into his own.

Weezy has a lot of features on this undertaking however his interpretation of Jay-Z’s scandalous diss track on The Blueprint is among the most elevated presentations of his expressive inclination. Showing up Lil Wayne and Drake’s “BB King Freestyle,” Weezy doesn’t sit around getting into it, giving a cordial update that he’s actually running the rap game.

Check it out below.

Your reach ain’t long enough, yo’ peeps ain’t strong enough
Yo’ beach ain’t warm enough
You ain’t been in the throne
‘Cause the seat ain’t warm enough
And n***a, I’m the only one
I got the crown on, I’m the goat and you the pony, son
Don’t let me do it to him Dunie ’cause I overdo it
The choppa was too big for me, had to grow into it
His stylist split his wig for me if I told her do it
We hit his crib and broke into it, if it’s smoke, we blew it

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