The Game Feat. Lil Wayne – A.I. With The Braids

The Game

A.I.’s legend grows larger.

With each tribute to Allen Iverson that is made, his legend just becomes greater. The Game chose to adulate the madly capable competitor by naming his most recent single “A.I. With The Braids.” Lil Wayne highlights on the single, which spreads the word about sense since the two craftsmen are for their profound information on sports.

“A.I. With The Braids” includes a heavenly instrumental delivered by Mike Zombie that sounds like something that might have been imagined in the mid 2000s. The moving synth networks with an anxious percussion set up which truly gives this single a bop that is difficult to overlook. Wayne gets the last section of the track and favors us with a portion of his rare streams. Through and through, this melody sounds great, and feels great to pay attention to. In addition, who despises watching A.I. get his roses?

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