Chuck Inglish & Ye Ali – Driver


Chuck Inglish releases his first single since signing with Warner Chappell Music.

The Cool Kids MC, Detroit rapper, Chuck Inglish, just dropped his first single since marking with Warner Chappell Music, “Driver” including Ye Ali, who delivered his last venture, Ye and Chill, back in 2018. You could call this a rebound, since it’s the first track we’ve heard from Inglish in quite a while, beside the concise appearance he made on “Pots and Pans” Boldy James, which included The Cool Kids and Shorty K. Clearly, it merited the pause.

The actual beat radiates clear R&B and old school funk flows – that, in blend with Inglish and Ali’s smooth, present day stream made for the ideal formula. Indeed, even a portion of the references sprinkled into the verses let audience members in on what and who roused this melody.

Look out in the impending months, since, supposing that this is any sign, we’re in for much more astonishments from Chuck Inglish – essentially we trust so.

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