Tierra Whack – Peppers And Onions

2020 Interscope

Tierra Whack gets real over some bouncy production from Pop & Oak on dynamic new single “Peppers And Onions.”

Tierra Whack may rarely remain set up for in excess of a couple of moments all at once, however some way or another, the multitalented rapper has figured out how to have enduring effects. Today she has come through to convey a couple of new singles, following up the hauntingly desolate “Feel Better” with a sound serving of “Peppers And Onions.” somewhat longer than its partner, this track tracks down Whack somewhat more serenely in her pack, filled by a fun whistle-driven instrumental from Pop and Oak.

“Settle on a telephone decision home to the ones I love, poop insane over here, have you high off drugs,” she raps, her rhythm mixing pleasantly with the beat. “To be genuine man, I pondered pullin’ the fitting, so I can go fly high with the ones over.” A disturbing announcement, made even more agitating through its juxtaposition with the capricious music behind it – – yet such is the Whack way, and a demonstration of her capacity to undermine enthusiastic assumption.

Look at it for yourself beneath, particularly assuming that you’ve been starving for some new music from Tierra Whack. However she has kept the balling moving since Whack World, the time feels near for something somewhat more significant from the Philadelphia craftsman. Who knows – – maybe 2021 will see the appearance of a full-length follow-up, however for the time being “Peppers And Onions” should fulfill those desires.

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