Kevin Gates – Wonderland

Kevin Gates

Take a listen to the rapper singing out the chorus to John Mayer’s 2002 hit.

We’ve gotten a constant flow of deliveries from Kevin Gates and on Friday (November 6), he held his title as the “gift that continues to give.” The Louisiana rapper has gotten back with another single “Wonderland” where Gates by and by utilizes his specialty of narrating and reflection to make verses, a few unequivocal, about his driving woman and educational encounters. You’ll see that as on “Wonderland” Gates takes from John Mayer’s 2002 megahit “Your Body is a Wonderland,” yet just somewhat.

“Wonderland” comes seven days after Kevin Gates dropped off “Weeks” where the rapper shared stories of road life. Fans are anticipating that Gates should convey insight about an approaching task soon, particularly on the grounds that he proceeds to bafflingly label his web-based media posts with two words: “#CarryOn.” As we pause, stream “Wonderland” and let us in on your opinion on this most recent delivery from Kevin Gates.


If I’m in Dubai and you try to block
Connect to WiFi, and get all of your vision
Pullin’ your hair, while I hit from the back
You know I gotta put on for the city
You say don’t nobody else give you this feelin’
Pile up the bricks I put up in your ceilin’

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