Stalley Feat. Trippie Redd – Multimillion Dollar Man


Know your worth.

Stalley moves his 2020 toil along with the new EP Cake. This venture coasts between a few energies and feelings in a limited capacity to focus time. Probably the best melody of the EP however, is “Multimillion Dollar Man” including Trippie Redd. This single truly rides. The instrumental is contained melodic synths that can scarcely be heard over the live-sounding percussions. The open beat permits each syllable to be heard clear, and allows the two specialists an opportunity to play with the vocality.

Trippie conveys a tune that fits right in accordance with his standard visitor highlights. In spite of the fact that he avoids utilizing his more bothered and now and then brutal melodic style and just easily warbles on “Multimillion Dollar Man.” Stalley helps us why he’s one to remember the most misjudged rappers out there with bars that walk that slender line among moving and ratchet.

First deal got my family out the basement
I was flat broke, couldn’t make rent
Clock named me good, rapping starting to make sense
It was hard to wait my turn and practice patience
But greatness can’t be slept on
Those times was hard like the floor we slept on

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