Loski Feat. Popcaan – Avengers

Since 93

The Harlem Spartans rapper busts out the singing voice for this one.

Loski has been one of the really encouraging youngers in the London-based aggregate Harlem Spartans.

He has a penchant for clever road bars and a monstrous stream, however he’s taking a stab at something other than what’s expected with his most current single “Vindicators.”

The London rapper is joined by Popcaan on the afroswing single, however he’s taking care of snare obligations himself (he’s surprisingly good). Popcaan is new off of dropping his second venture of the year – the Link Up EP with Preme – yet he doesn’t sound exhausted or out of thoughts the least bit, conveying his refrain with his typical attraction.

Loski dropped a video recently to oblige the new single, what cuts between Loski in the UK and Popcaan back in Jamaica with a superteam of twerkers as they yell out their cherished Avengers: “I’m snooty on the square like Spider-Man/my brother resembles Iron Man.”

Check out the new visuals for “Avengers” below and make sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments.


She see di Roley and ah lick off di bezel dem
Send mi location like Dave and Burna-man
Dawg, wi nuh shake hombre, wi lock e place permanent
Gyal wan gimmi gift like seh mi win one tournament
Wi stay up when one time dem lock up my n****
Mi seh free
Bwoy haffi shut up like Stormzy when time mi get ah three wheel up
And mi nuh name Kano

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