Prince HotBoi Feat. Icewear Vezzo – 211


Prince HotBoi & Icewear Vezzo connect for a brand new banger, “211.”

Sovereign HotBoi is rising out of Chicago at the present time. However no undertaking out right now on real time features, he’s conveyed a reliable stream of music in the beyond couple of years and obviously outfitting to do a few major things. 2019’s “Let Me Find Out” has been knocking and as of late released his joint effort with DJ Milticket called, “6 For 6.” Now, he’s back with his most recent contribution, “211” ft. Icewear Vezzo. The two rappers convey chilling Midwestern streams on this one, conveying road driven bars over the riotous bass.

“It was cool, and really one of my first difficulties artistically. All I continued to say was, ‘I can’t let Vezz out rap me I need to keep up.’ It was a numbskull experience and we had great science in studio on a DJ Milticket beat Detroit style with bangin 808’s,” Prince HotBoi said about the tune in an articulation.

Check the song out below.

Got a line in Kentucky back to the O
Fucked around and found a plug in the country, bitch I’m the GOAT
Pro tuck, got 40 up in the coat
Real n***a pressed the line, I got shooters ready to go

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