KXNG Crooked & Joell Ortiz – Hands Up (Outlaws)


KXNG Crooked & Joell Ortiz are back at it again on “Hands Up (Outlaws)

The science seldom beats what KXNG Crooked and Joell Ortiz show on wax. From their days with Slaughterhouse to leaving on their own performance vocations, they’ve reliably been conveying a few weighty warmers lately that demonstrate they haven’t slipped. Their pens continue to get increasingly strong with time, as a matter of fact.

In front of the arrival of the forthcoming film, Welcome To The Sudden Death, KXNG Crooked and Joell Ortiz unite for a fresh out of the box new record for the film’s soundtrack. “Hands Up (Outlaws),” created by King Tech, is a lively and forceful banger that is encouraged by KNXG Crook and Joell Ortiz’ brutal conveyance and threatening pleasantry.

This is a long way from the first collab from the pair this year. They as of late connected up for the H.A.R.D project in late May.

Robin Hood but my big double barrel’s my bow and arrow
Was a kid in holy clothes now it’s holes up in your apparel, too
Blaow, and I move with a thorough crew
Since the sandbox, we grew up sharin’ a pair of shoes

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