YNW BSlime -Just Wait

YNW BSlime

YNW BSlime speaks on his brother YNW Melly’s case in the new song “Just Wait.”

YNW BSlime is most popular for being the 13-year-old more youthful sibling of YNW Melly, who is at present detained on twofold homicide allegations. The world is restless to catch wind of the Florida rapper’s destiny, monitoring his impending trials and petitioning God for his re-visitation of opportunity.

With Melly actually secured, YNW BSlime is feeling the loss of his older sibling, appealing to God for him in his new single delivery called “Simply Wait.”

The young person has been becoming well known with his own music, exhibiting a capable of song and associating with a more energetic crowd due to his age.

In “Simply Wait”, BSlime gloats about how he brings in more cash than his educators, additionally putting his adoration for Melly at the front. “I can’t resign, this is my destiny/Seen my sibling’s life chose by a case, no chance,” sings the rising star.

Stand by listening to the new delivery and told us your thought process.


Your name was all around town
Then you had to lockdown
Now you have to lay low, wishin’ you was out now
But watch it turn around, now we gettin’ millions
They don’t want no smoke, YNW spendin’ bands

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