Armani Caesar Feat. Conway The Machine – Gucci Casket

2020 Griselda Records

Armani Caesar and Conway The Machine lay waste to the scene on spooky “The Liz” highlight “Gucci Casket.”

On the off chance that From King To A God champion “Anza” demonstrated anything, it’s that Armani Caesar and Conway The Machine have astounding science on wax. And keeping in mind that that was a dull, positively current banger from Murda Beatz, “Gucci Casket” off Armani’s The Liz tracks down the two emcees in the customary Griselda component. Powered by a creepy instrumental from JR Swifts, which revolves around a strained piano quaver and melancholic tune, Armani sets things off with a certain initial refrain.

“I was in the strip club gettin’ garbage sack cash, tossed security a stack and let them know get that for me,” she raps. “N**gas tryna toss salt, however they cash be interesting, so I should be the last one you chuckle at, honey.” Sliding through to polish things off is Conway, new off his own victorious collection discharge and consistently killing significantly more than one refrain. “That bitch pussy was great, so I flew her in with two her companions,” he raps, adding a mark laugh just in case. “I simply send an Instagram DM, that is the way I bait her in/gettin’ cash in twelve urban communities, they thinkin’ I’m on visit once more.”

Front where that came from, make certain to look at Armani Caesar’s true Griselda debut in The Liz, accessible here.


The hooligan that made rappin’ on grimy loops cool again
The new extendo on the seat of the newest Benz
I shoot and shoot again, I did it twice, don’t make me prove again

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