Kid Cudi – Solo Dolo

2009 Universal Motown Records

Eleven years removed from the release of “Man On The Moon,” Kid Cudi’s nightmarish “Solo Dolo” has left a lasting impression.

For an age of hip-bounce fans, Kid Cudi’s introduction collection Man On The Moon: The End Of Day, turned into a moment exemplary. That, however the thoughtful and once in a while energetic insights of a youthful Scott Mescudi proceeded to demonstrate gigantically powerful on the soundscapes to follow. No more abnormal to investigating vanguard creation, Cudi’s first performance attack worked effectively in examining the craftsman on a cerebral level, laying out a distinctive self-representation itemized to the defects. And keeping in mind that Man On The Moon yielded a lot of famous singles, similar to “Day N Night,” “Enter Galactic,” and “Make Her Say,” the absolute most splendid minutes arose inside the “Bad dreams.”

Eleven years eliminated from its underlying delivery, there is an interesting thing about the gradually moving and tormenting fourth track “Solo Dolo.” The first of three “Bad dream” parts, this one opens on a fittingly shocking note. “Listen great, I don’t have no one,” sings Cudi, his vocals crude. “However, what I could feel are the hints of mental soundness, trusting what I hear circles itself constantly.” As the artistic track constructs, new components grow the extension; evil string hits add earnestness to the subsequent stanza, modern synthesizers and agonizing strings add layers to the third.

Not what you’d call conspicuous at all, there’s a paramount thing about Cudder’s introduction to the hazier corners. On a collection fixed with exemplary tunes, some of the time the surprising can have the most profound enduring effect. Blissful commemoration to Kid Cudi’s Man On The Moon: The End Of Day.


Cry me a river, hater, look who
Traveled out an igloo
Cold, cold world wasn’t fit for me at all
Look at where I stand at, tall
Clutchin’ my Kid Cudi bizzalls
Mute motherfuckers back home, quick pause

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