Ludacris Feat. Chance The Rapper – Found You


Luda returns with a track where he praises his woman for being everything he’s ever wanted.

Assuming this track sounds natural, this is on the grounds that Ludacris initially shared a scrap of the melody during his Verzuz with Nelly recently. The Southern Hospitality rapper gave a see to “Quiet of the Lambs” highlighting Lil Wayne, a track that he happened to authoritatively deliver. Luda likewise gave a sneak look at “Tracked down You” highlighting Chance The Rapper, and maybe he’s dropping this oddball, too.

It’s indistinct whenever Ludacris and Chance The Rapper joined to make “Tracked down You,” yet it very well might be a solitary that has been sitting in the vault. The two specialists are known for their public presentations and affirmations of their undying affection for their spouses, so it is fitting that they meet up for this adoration track. Luda spits sections about observing his ideal lady and doing anything he can to keep her close by, so stream “Tracked down You” and let us in on your thought process of this cooperation.


God’s creation
No filter, no imitation
And observations can sense that you’re amazing
So fine, wishing that you were mine
But know that I’m quite patient

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