THEY. – All Mine


R&B duo THEY. continue building up to the release of their upcoming project “The Amanda Tape” by releasing a new bedroom banger titled “All Mine.”

From Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion crashing Pornhub with “WAP” and its going with viral-yet-foul video to The City Girls having a little “Pussy Talk” with Doja Cat, it seems like everybody in the music business is fixated on visiting about the clitoris. For R&B team THEY., it ended up being an ideal subject for their new steamy single named “All Mine.”

THEY. All Mine amanda tape

THEY. All Mine amanda tape
Picture: Robin Marchant/Getty Images for TuneIn
On the off chance that you haven’t sorted out it as of now, “All Mine” is as a matter of fact about Dante and Andrew making a case on their particular women’s lower parts, regardless of whether she winds up with one more man over the long haul. While express regarding the verses, the instrumental and vibe by and large is far more exotic and makes for an appropriate 12 PM tune to get you in the state of mind for room exercises. The melody will show up on the gathering’s forthcoming undertaking The Amanda Tape, which likewise includes their new Tinashe collab “Play Fight.”

Pay attention to “All Mine” by THEY. at the present time, and check for The Amanda Tape to show up in the not so distant future.


That p*ssy will always be mine
Even if I’m on the side
Them n****s are wastin’ their time
You can’t deny what you know
No matter how far you go
You got the keys to my door
Only my bed feels like home
That p*ssy will always be mine


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