Machine Gun Kelly Feat. Blackbear – My Ex’s Best Friend

2020 Bad Boy Interscope

Machine Gun Kelly continues his ascension to his pop-punk final form with Blackbear assisted “My Ex’s Best Friend.”

Now, you realize what you’re getting from Machine Gun Kelly’s new music – – a solid portion of good pop-punk, a class that he appears to be determined to without any help bringing once more into unmistakable quality. It doesn’t hurt that he has a veteran in his corner, the unbelievable Travis Barker, who held it down on the drums for both Blink 182 and the later +44. Presently, behind dropping off “Show For Aliens” a couple of days prior, MGK is here to tell a tall tale of grievousness and angsty esteem on “My Ex’s Best Friend,” helped by Blackbear.

On the off chance that you’re not ready for MGK’s takeoff from hip-jump, which many predicted occurring for a moment at this point, you’ll probably hit skip inside the initial snapshots of “My Ex’s Best Friend.” For the individuals who choose to remain, you’ll be blessed to receive a story of prohibited enthusiasm, any semblance of which have filled pop-punk balladry for a really long time. “Presently we’re in the secondary lounge of the dark vehicle, goin’ home,” reflects Kelly. “Whenever she asked me, “Is it off-base in the event that I concoct you?” Check out the infectious track presently, however would it be a good idea for you be hanging around for the bars, you could leave disheartened. Might it be said that you are eager to see MGK heading down this new path?


You walked in my life at 2 AM
Cause my boy’s new girl is your best friend
Act like you don’t see me, we’ll play pretend
Your eyes already told me what you never said

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