Akon -Letter To My Son


A father’s work.

Akon gets the difficulties of a dad’s work. He lays everything down on the table for the tune “Letter To My Son” on his new venture Ain’t No Peace. Delivered by Will IDAP, “Letter To My Son” is passionate and profound. The instrumental depends on a sweet guitar riff that sounds similar to the well known tune “Waves” by Mr. Probz. Over the repeating guitars, Akon sings his heart out.

Akon uncovers everything he has done to accommodate his child, including selling medications and settling on hard choices. The veteran artist comprehends the elements of how to make an extraordinary melody. He saves his most impressive vocals from minutes when the beat expands and gets back to a serene warble when the inclination quiets a little. This is an astounding tune.

I had to do bad, so you can do better
I was locked in the pen when I wrote you this letter
But you was way too young, don’t understand no evil and no better
It’s time that I tell you who I am, so I can protect you


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