Dom Kennedy Feat. 24hrs -87 Benzo

Dom Kennedy & Hit Boy

Classic foreign drip.

We as a whole have our #1 kinds of vehicles. A few like huge trucks while others like quick cars. However, dom Kennedy is settling on that “87 Benzo.” His new track can be found on Also Known As, which is a joint venture from Dom and Hit-Boy. “87 Benzo” highlights 24hrs, who hasn’t been making a lot of clamor recently. The Hit-Boy creation is on the money, to no one’s surprise. The instrumental feels like something you would knock at a local party. The smooth beat and lively xylophone sounding keys set the ideal setting for Dom to do his thing.

however, 24hrs sounds somewhat OVER autotuned on this snare. The group behind blending his vocals might have turned the impact up something over the top. In any case, the tune is appealing and fun. The most amazing aspects of the record are when Dom gets in his zone, dropping a blend of silly and braggadocious bars. “87 Benzo” is a track you can bang the entire summer.

Look, get in where you fit in, that’s the motto
Told her, “if you love it, you’ll swallow”
My homie got caught with them high-lows
A role model, but my moves you shouldn’t follow
Trust, I’on got enough of it
I’m like, “what budget?”
We gon’ ball til we fall, that’s period

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