JackBoy – Lost Ties


Jackboy is back with new music.

Jackboy’s been having a remarkable altercation the beyond two years. The arrival of his self-named collection recently felt like a perfection of work he put in with both JackNDaBox and Lost In My Head in 2019. Be that as it may, even with the arrival of another venture, he’s keeping the roads overflowed with new music in expectation for his next project due out later this mid year.

Today, Jackboy conveyed a passionate bid to the lost love and phony companions on his most recent drop, “Cut Ties.” Diving further into a melancholic sack, Jackboy thinks about individuals nearest to him changing around on him once he began getting a touch of acclaim, whether it’s ladies or dear companions.

The rapper’s most recent single shows up after the arrival of “In My City.” Keep your eyes stripped for Living In History dropping on August 27th.

I’m getting paid ’cause I been grindin’
In and out of state, I’m jumping back from coast to coast
Only worried about the dough, ain’t worried about a hoe
I ain’t cutting the check with you, hoe, you could die broke


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