G4 Boyz Feat. G4 Choppa – Prada


G4 Boyz are back with another one.

New York City’s most loved fraudster team are jumping further into the universe of UK drill. Following the outcome of “Nearby Scammer,” and the remixes including Chief Keef and Ivorian Doll, the pair have collaborated with G4 Choppa for their most recent delivery, “Prada.” Fueled by the vile creation hailing from the UK scene, G4 Boyz head between the Prada store and the snare house where they dole out on their extravagant way of life and costly shopping propensities.

G4 Boyz have been riding on their force in the beyond couple of months. “Prada” is apparently put in a good position. With a music video that epitomizes the going with dance moves, don’t be stunned when “Prada” is wherever in the months to come.

Check out G4Boyz and G4 Choppa’s latest drop below.

You don’t do no thinking
So all your moves is sinking
You don’t have no money
So we don’t do no linking
Everyday rocking Prada
Then I go stack my guala
Then I go pray to Allah
Then I go get some dollars

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