Shyne Grady – Letter 2 Lucci

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Shyne Grady delivers a few poignant words to YFN Lucci.

You may not be acquainted with Shyne Grady yet, yet he’s wanting to change that this week. The ATL local is new to rapping, however not new to the business. Shyne Grady initial made an introduction to music industry when he connected up with YFN Lucci back in 2016 through a shared companion. Grady would proceed to turn into YFN’s cameraman during this timeframe. Simultaneously he was assisting Lucci on the video with siding, there was a capture warrant out for him in Atlanta. When summer moved around, the police found Grady, and he was placed in the slammer on weapon charges, doing a long term bid.

During his time in jail, he started composing raps. He kept in correspondence with YFN Lucci too, yet he didn’t uncover that he had begun composition, saying he needed to hold on until he was out to introduce it to him appropriately. At the point when he returned home, he informed Lucci concerning his longing to begin rapping, and it appeared Lucci gave his full endorsement at that point.

He tells us only, “And it appear to be truly veritable so obviously I anticipated that specific crap should occur. Damnation I even composed a melody for em just to offer appreciation and respect considering the reality he transformed myself right now. Furthermore, Lucci was as yet dynamic mind me all through my bid I can sincerely say however I never told em I was composing. I [was] holding back to return home and present it to em…Amongst it was a great deal of stagnation. I wound up finding myself not recording and giving out bars to the point I understood like man this nigga bullshittin.”

Grady proceeds, “I simply thought niggas a put stock in me the manner in which I trust in them. Everytime I needed to do some I did it regardless of what it was. Noble motivation I’m enthusiastic about my fantasies and circles. In the event that I you say you mind me I’m mind you. In any case, the energy I gathered from the circumstance didn’t sit well mind me. A great deal of deteriorating. Nigga let me know they put stock in me however from what I see. Im winding up giving out mo bars that I put in writing. I generally realized I can be everything except certain niggas just believe you should be BE….. also, I ain’t fuckin mind that.”

Today, Shyne Grady is tending to the circumstance with YFN Lucci head-on, it he’s named “Letter 2 Lucci.” The tune seems to be sincere, as he subtleties his relationship with YFN Lucci and how the circumstance has developed to this point, from his desired disclosure to rap to introduce day to deliver a track. The rapper is supposed to follow up this letter with an appropriate diss track however, so remain tuned for that.

Tell us your thought process of the record. Do you figure YFN Lucci will answer?

We’re giving the select debut of the music video, watch it now. The melody shows up on Shyne Grady’s introduction project, Bittersweet.


I just hope that you never look at it wrong Lu
I used to write every time we hung up the phone Lu
But you ain’t even know it
I was really scared to show it

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