Reese LAFLARE Feat. Benny The Butcher – No Hook

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Reese LAFLARE and Benny The Butcher have solid chemistry on the blistering “No Hook.”

There are a couple of pointers that rappers plan on snapping – – naming a tune “No Hook,” first off. An under-two-minute runtime likewise helps, as does a hard-hitting and uptempo instrumental. Here, Reese LAFLARE and Benny The Butcher advance capably to the plate, their two particular styles mixing pleasantly over the mutilated 808s and rushed woodwinds. LAFLARE sets things off with capable section, the smallest threat seeping into his bars. “Roadster genie-blue and it accompanied three wishes,” he spits. “I simply stack my cash stay out of other people’s affairs.”

Veering off from his typical beat style, Benny features a touch of adaptability, sliding onto the instrumental with strut. “N***as like me set bitches to work, she bounce out the rearward sitting arrangement fixing her skirt,” he raps, ordinarily boss in his initial lines. “Bitch it’s Griselda, the posse with the wave, this year made essentially a quarter-million off merchandise.” Be certain to look at this one now, and sound off – – should Reese and Benny work together more?


N***s like me put them bitches to work
She jump out the backseat, fixin’ her skirt
Bitch it’s Griselda, the gang with the wave
This year made at least a quarter-million off merch
And I’m on that gas so I don’t do coke
This white bitch with me, she might do both

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