Ronny J – Typical

Image via Ronny J

Ronny J’s latest track is much more laid back then what fans might know him for.

Ronny J has reliably been one of the additional fascinating makers with regards to hip-jump in the course of the most recent couple of years. While he is mostly known for his creation credits, he is additionally a fruitful independent craftsman who can convey a blend of songs and hard-hitting bangers. On his most recent track “Commonplace,” Ronny J picks to for the previous as we see him sliding over a more laid back and melancholic beat.

Taking everything into account, Ronny J can be observed singing about a lady he has been dating, who is simply unrealistic. You can see he is wrestling with tragedy, and the tone of the tune unquestionably addresses that idea.

Give this track a listen and let us know what you think.


I guess I love the idea of you, too good to be true
And after all, you let me fuck, just so I could lose
Turn my heart to blue
Typical love from me
Planned when I feel asleep, she took everything
How I am supposed to trust anything?
After you run over me, let me here to bleed


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