RJMrLa Feat. 1Take Jay – Enough Rounds


Some straight West Coast sh*t.

RJMrLa has been dropping straight hotness throughout the long term, whether he’s remaining on his own two or working with the absolute greatest names in the game like Young Thug or DJ Mustard. However, toward the day’s end, it’s as yet a West Coast undertaking and he puts forth a purposeful attempt to address his city, henceforth the name.

This week, the Los Angeles rapper got back with a shiny new single highlighting one of the most blazing new rappers to rise out of the West as of late. RJMrLA joins up with 1Take Jay for a confirmed banger with “Enough Rounds.” With a bass that is malicious toward clatter the storage compartment, and a delicate phantom synth waiting toward the back, RJMrLA and 1TakeJay detail the need to keep a lash around them consistently, however drawing a sharp, and preposterous, equal between the weapon talk and their sexual experiences.

Give a bitch rounds, Mayweather
I only nutted like once, bitch, do better
N***s bank account empty, new dresser
Broker than a n***a with a cast, n***a, do better

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