H.E.R. – Do To Me

H.E.R./RCA Records

H.E.R. delivers a brand new record with a reggae flare, “Do To Me.”

H.E.R. can truly choose whatever is best. Regardless of what kind of record she handles, whether it’s a conventional r’n’b sound, something a piece current, something a piece pop, or for this situation, something a piece reggae – – she does it all incredibly. The vocalist has moved forward during these wild times as well, not just delivering music that tends to police ruthlessness with “I’m Not OK” and the rambling, tragic “I Can’t Breathe,” but at the same time she’s been hailed for furnishing her entire group with some COVID-19 assets to help them through the quarantine.

While she’s had several heavier deliveries, the vocalist is easing up things up with this reggae-motivated record, created by her regular teammate Swagg R’Celious. H.E.R. sings about another adoration that is she’s totally enveloped with. Could it be said that you are feeling this sound from H.E.R.? Tell us your thought process.

Check out her other recent release too, from her Songland appearance, “Wrong Places.”


Why, why you make me so blind?
Just looking in your eyes, you
Took my soul for a ride, ride
How, how you make me fall down?
Tripping over the sound of
You loving me so loud, loud


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