Travis Scott Feat. Young Thug & Justin Bieber – Maria I’m Drunk

2015 Epic Records

Five years ago, Travis Scott, Justin Bieber, and Young Thug united for the “Rodeo” classic “Maria I’m Drunk.”

Travis Scott has been in the game for a long time, and keeping in mind that he might in any case feel like a “more up to date” craftsman in numerous ways, his breakout Owl Pharoah tape showed up eight quite a while back. And keeping in mind that that venture bragged a fair number bangers, many truly begun paying heed upon the arrival of Rodeo – – a collection that landed five years. Flaunting aggressive and exploratory creation in abundance, also a large number of high profile visitor appearances, Rodeo likewise produced probably the best melody in Scott’s armory so far – – the gradually moving and foggy “Maria I’m Drunk.”

Highlighting a few totally rowdy appearances from Young Thug and, as a matter of fact, Bugatti Biebs himself, Justin Bieber in full Bieberveli mode, “Maria I’m Drunk” takes advantage of its almost six moment runtime. With each of the three craftsmen divulging the unadulterated truth, the melody rapidly secures itself as a healthy song of praise, one that addresses especially to the intoxicated hookup, consensual obviously, during which restraints will generally vanish. Past that, in any case, “Maria I’m Drunk” is a layered piece of music that compensates the people who invest in some opportunity to toss the earphones on, present themselves with a glass, and lose all sense of direction in the libertine odyssey. Do you feel this one stands among Travis’ best hours?


Never ever do I wanna leave my little lady
Patrón down, back down, they got a plan for that boy wake
Told God if I get an iced out watch I won’t be later
Every time I try to stick it in all the way
Baby girl be like, “ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy”

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