Tayla Parx – Dance Alone

TaylaMade/Atlantic Records

Tayla Parx is getting everyone on their feet with her new single, “Dance Alone.”

Tayla Parx came through with her most recent single, “Dance Alone,” as she prepares to drop her sophomore exertion, Coping Mechanisms, not long from now. In the wake of delivering her introduction collection, We Need To Talk, last year to significant recognition, Tayla has been crawling increasingly more into the standard awareness following quite a while of composing for a portion of the music business’ greatest stars. Presently, she’s equipping to deliver her sophomore collection, starting with the principal single, the energetic, funk-mixed pop song of devotion, “Dance Alone.”

“‘Dance Alone’ is concerning that profound craving to associate with somebody to adapt,” Tayla said with regards to the single. “We as a whole have that unique individual who causes us to feel things where we in a real sense throb for them or feel for them. It’s with regards to human association, which we as a whole frantically need at the present time, and how we understand we are in good company.” As you watch out for additional on Coping Mechanisms, look at “Dance Alone” and let us in on what you consider this multi-capable craftsman’s most recent exertion.

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