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Smokepurpp promises “Deadstar 2” is coming this year with the leak of “Deadstar Lifestyle.”

Smokepurpp will be quick to let you know that he birthed a whole age of “SoundCloud rappers.” While he positively has a point in that his style impacted a center of craftsmen coming up out of Florida, a few specialists may not concur with the intense assertions he has made before. Notwithstanding, Purpp has shown that he will keep on assuming acknowledgment for the initiation of another sound if it’s genuine. A lot of his clout was set through his Deadstar mixtape and, as per Lil Purpp’s cases from recently, the spin-off is coming.

As of late up to speed in the Lil Pump and J. Cole hamburger, Smokepurpp has a ton of additional buzz around his name and he’s chosen to exploit it. Dropping off a pristine hole from the impending Deadstar 2, Purpp was in the mind-set to share some new music, telling his fans quite a bit early that he was considering hurling a tune on SoundCloud. After an hour, “Deadstar Lifestyle” showed up on his page, insisting that the venture is still coming. Holding his fans over until the authority drop, Purpp explained that this is basically a speedy free-form. The medication energized verses are the same old thing for the Florida rapper, focusing front and center he knows how to work and functioning his appeal inside it.

Will you be keeping watch for Deadstar 2?


We like doing drugs in the night
Blackout ah, that’s for the night
In the 6
Brand new whip
Brand new Rollie ah, that’s a brick

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