Young Thug – Serious


Listen to the latest Young Thug leak, “Serious.”

Youthful Thug has been prodding fans about Slime Season 3 practically everyday on Instagram, subtitling the greater part of his photographs with the way that SS3 is obviously coming soon/coming/and so forth and so on. While we most likely will not get a substantial delivery date, we have been getting a couple of breaks, which is standard for Thugger. After the Metro Boomin and Young Thug collabo “Make A Lot” dropped the other week, today we get “Genuine,” with creation credits to Isaac Flame.

It’s your typical toll for Young Thug. Jingly creation is joined by Thug’s special conveyance, wherein he gloats about his wealth, his bitches, and claims he’s not gay. He’s not kidding as well.


I make her fuck the streets and bring it to me
I’m a P.I.M.P., yup mufucka
I’m a bad muddifucka
Green and red mufuckin flag muddifucka
I dress like a prince not a fag muddifucka
Leave a nigga dead, fuck a sad muddifucka

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